March 14, 2009.


The rumors were true. The family came and we fell in love with each other.

Here they are telling me the good news. 


My name is DAYTON and I am sure you can notice the SMILE on my lips because I am still here, maybe it is my ninth life!.

I was taken to the sanctuary by a good Samaritan who had found me in her garden in a terrible condition; throat slashed, bleeding and severely infected, most of my fur pulled out in patches, high fever, skin and bones and dehydrated to the core and all shriveled up. I was rushed right away to the vet to spare me any further suffering. Upon examination to see if there were other hidden ailments and if there was any hope for my survival it was discovered in addition to all my injuries that my kidneys were also affected due to lack of water.This kidney failure is irreversible and eventually I would die from it. The picture was not pretty and most importantly even if I could overcome my injuries and settle down to a semi normal life, nobody knowing my kidney problems would want to adopt me and take care of me for the remaining part of my life, " why should they fall in love and loose me in a short time?". Due to expensive medications and extra care I would be needing for survival the word "euthanasia" kept coming up in the conversation. Then and there I made up my mind; I had to act quickly, gathering all my strength I looked at them with my beautiful expressive eyes pleading to give me a chance, to take me back home and if in a few days I did not show any improvement then I would agree that they knew better and they were saving me from further suffering. It got their attention! and the decision was made to give me a chance and to make my remaining days as comfortable as possible. We went back home with a prayer on our lips and stocked up with antibiotics, creams, ointments and appropriate food for my fragile body. 
The first few weeks I was very tired, sleepy and ate little but  I was so happy finally having a warm bed, to be safe and have as much food as I wanted to eat. I was holding on to dear life and day by day I could feel more energy and strength. My wounds started healing, my fur started growing and I got strong enough to take walks on steady legs.It is quite obvious since I am writing this, my next trip back to the vet was just to be checked out and be neutered. We had turned my luck around. Do you think being polydactyl ( extra toes) had anything to do with it; since it is believed that it brings luck? Look at me now, I am a picture of health and beauty. Playing with toys, running as fast as any cat and I do enjoy my life to the fullest with gusto and I am grateful for every sunrise which I am privileged to see.
I am now trying to show how much I love them for giving me this chance for life by being the most affectionate cat in the whole universe. I am also very thankful that they believe in MIRACLES! 
You know what?  I hear that a family is interested and wants to adopt me to share my life and be by my side all the way. I will keep you posted. Check in later and read the outcome. With Gods help and with all the special care I received I am here on this earth to stay for a while longer. I am only a 2 years young fellow hopefully it will be a LONG WHILE !