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 Sunday August 14th , 2011

I was there last year and did the whole ride!! 

2nd annual motorcycle ride to raise funds for Country Cat Sanctuary a registered charity which is home to abused, abandoned cats and kittens. Ride will be held on Aug. 14, 2011 and starts at Levi Home Hardware in Almonte, ON. at 10 a.m. . Ride is aprox. 200 to 225 km. with a stop in Brockville for lunch. Anyone wishing to pre-register can contact Frances Bryerton at or call (613) 256-3726.


Register on ride day from 9 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Cost is $20. rider / $10. passenger. Anyone who collects $50. in pledges rides free. 

Please email for a pledge sheet to start collecting now.

We will have coffee and donuts to kick start the day and will have prizes to give out after the ride . 

This ride will be rain or shine and is open to all makes of bikes, riders and clubs, (if you don't have a bike then come in a car)

We welcome everyone to join us for a fun filled day, meet a few new people and support a great cause. 

To see who you will be helping, go to  

Looking forward to seeing a lot of bikes come out this year .... we were  promised by the "Cat Gods" blue skies and sunshine.

The Rider with the most pledges will win this unique hand carved wood Trophy and his/her name will be engraved on a plaque and attached to the walnut base. Come and WIN it.


We had a great day!


 Was held on October 9th at Food Basics Highway 43 in Kemptville.


The day started out perfect and ended that way. On Thanksgiving weekend the Bake and Craft Sale was held at Food Basics in Kemptville to raise badly needed funds for Country Cat Sanctuary. Again this year there is no shortage of cats and kittens in desperate situations needing rescued by the caring, loving people at this Sanctuary. Fundraising efforts such as this bake sale help to ease the burden of taking care of the rescues until they find suitable adoptive homes. It also helps with the ongoing daily care of those that will never trust humans and will remain for life at this safe haven.


The sun shone so bright and stayed that way all day. People arrived with car loads of donated baked goods to support this worthy cause from far and near places. There was so much.... the tables were busting with choices and waiting to be put out there were coolers and boxes full of other varieties stashed under the tables. We had chocolate truffles, marshmallow squares, gluten free brownies, pies, loafs of every type imaginable, date squares, ice cream cone cupcakes, chocolate cakes, cookies of many flavors.. items made by professional bakers and many many made by loving supporters.



We even had two brothers ; high school students taking "Home economics" who baked for us to accumulate community volunteer credits .... under the watchful eyes of their mother you should have seen the things they created . The list goes on and on and on. To look at the tables you would think a bakery had just opened. The sales were brisk and very few passed the tables without making a purchase. Many of the lovely hand crafted cat toys of every type and color made by volunteers were bought by loving cat owners as little Thanksgiving gifts for their cats.



It seemed that the day just flew by as a never ending crowd of buyers and well wishers visited the tables. As the day passed the baked goods slowly disappeared and soon it was time to go home. Country Cat Sanctuary has so much to be thankful for. It has the support of it's community and so far they have never let us down. To all that stopped by on this glorious sunny day to purchase baked good or toys that were made with love by selfless volunteers, thank you on behalf of the cats and kittens who are fortunate to have been rescued and live at the Sanctuary. See you again next year and we hope the sun will shine once again GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!
We are most definitely blessed by your continued support and generosity.



Please come again next year





It looked like the weather would never be on our side. At one point I had given in to being discouraged and felt this ride would never leave the ground. But then it happened as if a miracle the dark clouds finally lifted and the sun shone brightly and after two weeks of terrible weather the first annual Ride for Rescue Cats finally happened on Sunday August 29 th . As the bikes rode in one by one, they were greeted by the sound of The Barley Shakers a group of musicians from the Ottawa Valley area which had donated their talent and time. They had come to play their violins, guitars, saxophone and spoons and at 10 a.m. they would send the bikes off in style. But one bike in particular drew a lot of attention as the extra passenger was a little dog named Toopie. He was fully prepared wearing goggles and came to support the rescue cats at Country Cat Sanctuary. When a little dog rides for rescue cats you know this event is worthwhile. The bikers and the little dog Toopie were so supportive and enthusiastic it was much more like a big family reunion as a group of strangers came together to support rescue cats. Our ride leader Ricardo Dias gave a safety briefing and suddenly it was time for the ride to start. As we rode down back roads I looked at the line of bikes ahead of me and was overcome with emotion. It seemed I had waited for this day to come for a long time and my heart was filled with joy. To think these people and one little dog felt The Ride for Rescue Cats was worth coming to and being part of. Cats and kittens have somehow become one of the most disposable creatures on the face of the earth. It is as if they have no value or worth in this fast paced world of ours. When I hear of some of the torture cases that this Sanctuary has seen it makes my heart break. Some come in with throats cut, tails and ears cut off and I can’t imagine how anyone could be so brutal to such a trusting little animal. Without the care, kindness and love given to these little rescues they would not have survived or been given a second chance in life. For those of us that have bonded with a feline creature you know this friendship changes your life forever. More fund raising events are needed to support the abandoned, abused innocent little felines. Most of the riders did not have cats but they knew the importance of supporting ones that needed their help. I am so thankful, happy and overwhelmed with gratitude for all the continual support from the T.V., radio stations, newspapers, internet sites and any and all forms of media who came to the aid of my cry for “help” in advertising this charity ride. Special thanks to Tommy Levi, of Levi Home Hardware in Almonte, who allowed us to use his parking lot to hold this ride. Also a thank you to the businesses and there were many, who kindly donated generous prizes without hesitation in these difficult economical times. Thank you to the small hand full of dedicated volunteers for their time and help who without them any event would not be possible. Most importantly thank you to all of the riders and one dog named Toopie that came in true spirit and supported Country Cat Sanctuary and their feline residents. Mother Nature sure did test us with her never ending bad weather but she did not beat us and we will be back again next year. On behalf of the cats and kittens at Country Cat Sanctuary thank you to all from the bottom of their tiny little hearts.

The Ride for Rescue Cats is dedicated in memory of "Little Jack". Jack was a sweet, innocent,  little tabby kitten who's life was very short-lived at 8 weeks old.  He never had a chance to grow up, he never had a chance to enjoy a full life as it was meant to be. He never had the chance to be loved by a family. He was one of the ones that could not be rescued in time. From the moment I saw a picture of this dear little creature I could not get him out of my head or my heart.  I would sit and cry thinking how sad it was to know his life ended so early.  I felt Little Jack somehow needed to be remembered and this ride is and always will be in his memory.  Little Jack, a feline angel in the sky,  this ride is for you.

We appreciate every single donation that has been generously given to support the Ride for Rescue Cats during these difficult, economic times. Please thank these sponsors and individual people when you see them..

Cycle Master, Ashton

Powersports, Ottawa

Ottawa Good Times, Ottawa

Motor Sports World, Ottawa

Woolgrowers, Carleton Place

Sunset Spa and Salon, Carleton Place

Lori Cooke, Cheesecake Lady, Orleans

Solomon (Rescue Cat), Stittsville

Saunders Farm, Munster

Paper Art, Kinburn

Ottawa 67’s, Ottawa

Rock Wall Gardens, Perth

Othello (Rescue Cat), Stittsville

Anonymous Donation, Ottawa

Curiosities, Almonte

Glebe Spa, Ottawa

Sadie (Rescue Cat), Almonte

Milano Pizzeria, Carleton Place

Shawarma Place, Ottawa

Prestige Esthetics, Carleton Place

Ryno Motors, Almonte

Nate’s Express Deli, Ottawa

Mexicali Rosa’s, Ottawa

Hot 89.9, Laura Bergeron, Ottawa

Fields Store, Almonte

Swiss Chalet, Ottawa

J.R.’s Restaurant, Almonte

Design By Destination, Almonte

Blackbirds, Almonte

Brigadoon, Oxford Mills

Fiddleheads, Perth

The Old Mill, Ashton

Country Kitchen, Winchester

Paper Thin, Almonte

North of 44, Almonte

Gina Mulvie, Almonte

ARG Mayhem Rental, Almonte

Joy of Beauty, Almonte

Almonte Winery, Almonte

Cortelli’s Pizzeria, Almonte

Musicworks, Almonte

Mama’s Place, Almonte

Milano’s Pizzeria, Almonte

The Mode Store , Almonte

Shadow (Rescue Cat), Almonte

Putting Edge, Ottawa

93.9 Bob FM, Sandy Sharkey & Alyssa Mitchell

Baker Bob’s, Almonte

The Barley Mow, Almonte

The Waterford Tea Room, Almonte

Buds On The Bay, Brockville

Glen Munroe Carpentry, Almonte

Savoury Pursuits (Catering/Bakery), Almonte

The Fitness Fusion Studio, Ottawa

Rider Sponsors Monetary Donations

Ashley Kearns, Ottawa

Linda Richards, Almonte

Jack Barr, Almonte

Ruth Berger, Almonte

Phil Visser, Almonte

Bonnie Henderson, Almonte

Jake (Rescue Cat), Almonte

Donated Flyer Designs

Heather Anderson, Kelpie Studio, Fitzroy Harbour (Artist)

Allan Ziolkowski, Ottawa (Graphic Artist)

Tim Horton, Almonte

Timbits donated for the riders













" MICKEY " age 19+ enjoying his new Cat lounger won by his human guardian as a door prize.