It all started with being a foster family to our four beautiful fur balls. This turned out to be a happy ending for the 4 furry babies and also for the remaining cats and kittens "in waiting" to be adopted.

As the saying goes " they clawed their way into their hearts and wouldn't let go" This foster family became one of our adoptive family. Aren't the kitties lucky to stay together for ever?

Here is Alysha surrounded by her furry family BENNY, FRANKIE, DAISY and BELLA.


To spread the good fortune Alysha decided to turn a coupon from Tim Horton in to actual cash and she held a raffle. That coffee and doughnuts must be real good because she collected quite a generous amount from people wanting to get the prize. Now the kitties at the sanctuary are having a meeting to decide how to spend the donation. I bet with the Christmas coming Santa Claws might bring them something nice !

Thank you Alysha.




Thank you so very much for thinking about us CATS. Instead of asking for presents for yourself on your birthday you decided that we should be the recipient of your celebrations. By asking your friends instead of bringing presents for you, to bring presents and donations for us was such a nice thing to do. Lovely young ladies with such big and kind hearts.We are so happy with our new toys, snacks, food and all the different things we could buy with your collected monetary donations.We love you and will remember you always.You made us all "PURR" with great happiness.

 All the cats from "A" to "Z "


Mady posing with her kitten "Panda bear" which she adopted from the sanctuary  in front of all the generous presents she bought with the collected money through her birthday party .





This lovely young lady had her 6th birthday party at the "Cheeky Monkey" in Kemptville and through this party with her friends help she collected a generous donation to be used for the welfare of the sanctuary cats.The cats received new toys, delicious snacks, beds which they enjoy very much.

Here she is posing with Gwen who is receiving the card and donation on behalf of the felines.


Thank you Maggie.



This lovely young lady came to our sanctuary few months back and adopted KYLA who is very happy in her "Forever" home which she shares with other cats and a dog buddy called Sunny.
Aislinn wanted to do more for the remaining sanctuary cats and with a lot of hard work had a successful BAKE SALE on behalf of the Cat Sanctuary .

It was so nice to see you again and especially Cora enjoyed her special hug from you. You made the cats so happy. 



Aislinn cuddling her favorite feline friend Cora.                                    Aislinn presenting the cheque to her feline friend Basil .


Brother IAN manning the bake table.

Thank you Aislinn.